Why watching House Hunters pays off

I love to binge watch HGTV's House Hunters.  Particularly, while screaming at the TV.  The potential home buyers can never see PAST the wall color or anything that is a simple fix. Their occupation verse budget is another infuriating aspect. Half the time I do not know how they can afford such lavish houses, with such a small budget. Sometimes the opposite is also true, and the small space has a high price tag.

But boy, does location matter.

Several times this topic has been brought up over the years, and more recently I have seen many articles circulating on Facebook, similar to: 'average rent in each state', or 'how much $1200 a month can get you across various cities'.  The price, and square footage differences are astonishing - it is no wonder that location affects a person's overall health.  How could it not?  

Living close to power lines, or a densely populated city can also lead to poor health. Low air quality is often associated with highly populated regions. The higher the particulates (fancy term for particles) in the air, the higher the mortality rate in that area.  Mortality due to cancer, renal failure, coronary heart disease, and cognitive decline. This work was completed by Dr. Francine Laden's group at Harvard School of Public Health, to read more click here

Anxiety from changing home-towns is another negative health impact. When moving there are a million little things that need to be taken care of that divert attention from your health-as is life most of the time-unfortunately. Chopik et. al.  shows how your personality changes or can change when you move from place to place (Chopik et al.'s publication). There are different mindsets that are brought about by locations, like comparing the fast pace New York City mindset to a slower paced southern mindset. When you change locations, it is typical for you to adopt to that lifestyle, which may be beneficial, detrimental, or both. This affects your health and you can read more about this here.

So next time you are watching House Hunters, be sure to pay attention to the location, because it means more than you think. 


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