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I blister in the sun

Since we are getting closer to the official start of summer (June 21), I figured why not write about something relevant, like sunburning.  We have all been burned before, and that can be taken in numerous ways.  However I am talking about one of the more literal interpretations of burned - a sun burn.  A sunburn is NOT the same thing as burning oneself on a hot stove or bunsen burner.  It is not caused by the warmth of the sun, but it is caused by the sun's UV (ultraviolet) rays. The UV rays are a form of radiation and energy from these rays damages the molecules in your skin which causes an acute reaction. What molecules you ask?  One of the more important molecules (though I am a molecular biologist so my favoritism may be skewed): DNA.

Now, many of you may not completely understand what DNA is, so let me help.  DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is a blueprint for your entire body. Your body is made up of tons (technical term) of molecules, and these molecules form different groups t…

Why watching House Hunters pays off

I love to binge watch HGTV's House Hunters.  Particularly, while screaming at the TV.  The potential home buyers can never see PAST the wall color or anything that is a simple fix. Their occupation verse budget is another infuriating aspect. Half the time I do not know how they can afford such lavish houses, with such a small budget. Sometimes the opposite is also true, and the small space has a high price tag.

But boy, does location matter.

Several times this topic has been brought up over the years, and more recently I have seen many articles circulating on Facebook, similar to: 'average rent in each state', or 'how much $1200 a month can get you across various cities'.  The price, and square footage differences are astonishing - it is no wonder that location affects a person's overall health.  How could it not?  
Living close to power lines, or a densely populated city can also lead to poor health. Low air quality is often associated with highly populated re…